Composting: a form of Being Biointegral

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Compost, to compost, composting: all variations of a term that gives us an opportunity to tell the viticulture in a BioIntegral key.

Simply recycle the wastes of pruning – stalks, marc, cuttings – add manure draft animals working in the company and the game will be done: you will get the best compost to give nutrients to your soil and, therefore, your screws.

Pursuing the health of soils, in fact, is one of the fundamental assumptions of the agronomic BioIntegral approach: oxygenation and nourishment of the soil are the basis of the health of plants. And the health of the plants is the best basis for a healthy fruit. And only with a healthy fruit you will get a top quality product. A wine, in this case.

The realization of a quality product, in fact, starts from afar. BioIntegrated viticulture pursues agronomic practices that limit human intervention on the plant, that respect the natural physiology, that increase the long term fertility and the biological activity of the soil, aiming at making the plant stronger because they are rooted in depth, because less stressed by external interventions: more resistant plants, more lasting plants.

The perspective must in fact be long-term: the BioIntegrated wine grower plans today to preserve the future of the company, pursuing a new concept of clean and ethical agriculture that does not stop at just its single scope but which sees in the valorization of the cultivation environment the premise of the preservation of the whole ecosystem. Because environmental protection starts with us, too.