Castello del Trebbio

Land with a grand history.

A manor house with a glorious past (the famous Congiura de’ Pazzi took place here) dominates an estate covering 350 hectares of which 60 dedicated to grape growing. Castello del Trebbio is a magical place where the great history of Florence is united with the traditional product of this area – Chianti – and a modern and progressive business approach. This is the family’s first property, bought by Anna’s father in the seventies and then nurtured, restored and enlarged by the next generation.

As well as excellent wines (including a Sangiovese aged in amphorae), extra virgin olive oil, the purest saffron in threads and spelt are also produced here. It is the culmination of en entirely on-site production chain that follows the BioIntegrale philosophy, also with regards to the architectural details and energy supplies.

Here BioIntegral means producing seeds for the natural fertiliser needed for the DCasadei estates and making natural fertiliser by mixing manure (exclusively from our own cows) with waste produce from the wine and olive oil making processes; it implies interring all electricity cables, limiting Wi-Fi to dedicated areas and having a specially dedicated vegetable plot for the restaurant; the various fireplaces on the estate only burn wood from the estate’s land; solar panelled rooftops will, eventually, provide all the energy required to run the business. An entirely sustainable project dedicated to a place you would never want to leave.