The decalogue.

Protecting our environment has become a fundamental prerequisite for our future prosperity. Man needs to take measures today to protect nature and allow the regeneration of the primary resources on which we all depend – such as water and clean air.

To be BioIntegrale you have to act BioIntegrale. Because BioIntegrale is for life.

  1. Respect the fundamental principles of biodiversity.
  2. Reduce to a minimum the handling of raw materials in order to preserve the naturalness and goodness of the end product. And its flavour.
  3. Favour traditional farming methods, assisted by modern technology.
  4. Preserve the connection between the organoleptic characteristics of products and their locality of origin, without compromising quality.
  5. Design eco-sustainable architecture, powered as much as possible by renewable sources of energy.
  6. Employ local people, distribute wealth locally. And continue to do so.
  7. Reduce the use of motorised machinery on the land, favouring the use of animals.
  8. Feed the soil and not the plants to maintain its vitality.
  9. Eliminate the use of synthetic chemicals
  10. Reduce human intervention on plants, choose rational farming practices.