DCasadei is a group of businesses connected to the land, to agriculture, to a philosophy of farming that originates from a great respect for nature, from researching for the authentic, from expertise and passion.

DCasadei stands for wine, olive oil, good food, farm tourism and dining. A world dedicated to the flavoursome, the beautiful, the sustainable and the BioIntegrale.

The method and approach of a man – an entrepreneur – and his family who, through their love for the land and respect for nature, planted the seeds from which everything grew. Stefano Casadei’s philosophy of life today has become DCasadei.

Our estates


Olianas by DCasadei – the first entirely BioIntegrale winemaking business – is situated in the heart of unspoilt Sardinia. Here excellent local wines are produced from autochthonic grapes.


Castello del Trebbio

With Castello del Trebbio, DCasadei makes a mark in the heart of the Chianti area: a business with two vocations (winemaking and agritourism) immersed in the most classic Tuscan countryside.


Tenuta Casadei

Tenuta Casadei is in Alta Maremma, the perfect location for a new œnological project: the BioIntegrale production of international style wines.


From a simple and natural œnological idea, a range of wines that faithfully express the varieties of terroir in the group’s estates, with the added value of being aged in amphorae. A selection that varies from year to year, depending entirely on which variety achieved the best results in terracotta. A guarantee of absolute quality.

Traditional Tuscan Chianti, autochthonic wines in Sardinia, international style wines in Alta Maremma: DCasadei winemaking takes different routes. But the approach and methods are all the same: it is the BioIntegrale way, beginning with aging in amphorae to which a special line is dedicated.

Our Foods

An entirely BioIntegrale range of foods from the various DCasadei estates. Flavoursome (and healthy) products to bring to the table. Apart from extra virgin olive oil and saffron, the fruit of our labour is completed by a range of foods that vary annually according to the season and crop rotation.


For DCasadei hospitality means agritourism, old rural houses and centuries old wineries, it means wine tasting, harvests and cooking classes. A whole world to be discovered through hundreds of activities and initiatives. BioIntegrale becomes an experience to be lived first hand.

A restaurant and wine bar where you can enjoy DCasadei wines and culinary delights.

Being BioIntegrale is a lifestyle that evolves through concrete and repeated daily actions. Starting from respect for and care of our arable land, through sustainability in our homes and at work, and the protection the earth’s resources. Without ever losing sight of quality and flavour.