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More bonemeal for everybody!

No, it isn’t an insult, it’s just the best natural fertilizer we know to date. The 5th point in our decalogue says “Feed the soil and not the plants, in order to enrich vitality”, : using natural manure is therefore one of the best ways to start. What can we say about bonemeal? Let’s take […]

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Biointegral viticulture. Some tips

Enhance the relationship man-vineyard through the rediscovery of traditional agricultural practices scientifically and technically up to date: this is the assumption that shapes our Biointegrated viticulture. But beware: this is not simply an agronomic practice but a modus operandi in which each action builds a new awareness.. Here there are, briefly, the general principles: · […]

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Composting: a form of Being Biointegral

Compost, to compost, composting: all variations of a term that gives us an opportunity to tell the viticulture in a BioIntegral key. Simply recycle the wastes of pruning – stalks, marc, cuttings – add manure draft animals working in the company and the game will be done: you will get the best compost to give […]

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Once upon a time the tractor. Once

We are in Sardinia, in the heart of Sarcidano, 60 km north of Cagliari. In Gergei, a small town overlooking the vast plains alternating with rolling hills, lays Olianas: winery founded in 2000, which has embraced the BioIntegral philosophy and now produces 100% biointegrated wines with the vintage year 2014. Here, the total respect for […]

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