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Amphora, amphoræ, amphoræ. The declensions of the terracotta

As part of recuperating practices connected to tradition, today we are talking about refinement in amphora, an aspect of vinification which is gaining numerous followers. Even if for some it might seem like a trendy niche practice, it really gives excellent results, and above all, it is deeply rooted in a distant past. The terracotta […]

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I eat BioIntegral

  One of the premises for BioIntegral philosophy is to recover traditional farming practices: instead of single-crop farming, for example, to make room for mixed crops, for rotation in the fields, for seed diversification. We had a chat with Anna Baj Macario regarding this, who, at her Castello del Trebbio, has managed to create an […]

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Chianti Rufina DOCG Riserva Lastricato 2011 awarded by Gambero Rosso with “Tre Bicchieri” major award

Chianti Rufina Riserva DOCG Lastricato 2011, produced by Castello del Trebbio and distributed all over Italy and abroad, was awarded with “Tre Bicchieri” of Gambero Rosso. A major award not only for Castello del Trebbio, but also for the whole area of Chianti Rufina, famous for its quality wines, that finally receives an international appreciation. […]

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Biointegral wines: let us hear from those who make them

A few days before the opening of Expo 2015 in Milan, the opportunity for a remarkable tasting: Olianas wines- Vermentino and Rosato – narrated by Anna Baj Macario, who produces them. With a 100% BioIntegral approach. “Give more territory to our wines: this is the key with which we have embraced the BioIntegral philosophy, an […]

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The amphora, valuable ally

One of the assumptions of BioIntegral enology is the recovery of agronomic practices of the past. The winemaking process in amphorae, for example, is a system that even has its roots in antiquity: in Georgia, the cradle of vitis vinifera – primordial mother of all vines – is still in use in the central and […]

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The first BioIntegrale wines speak Sardinian.

We came back to Olianas, in the heart of Sardinia, to see the state of art of those who are deeply believing in Biointegrale phlosophy. The opportunity was tempting: the press launch of the first wines produced entirely BioIntegrale method (both in the vineyard and winery). Olianas shown us how Biointegrale can be developed in […]

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