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It was a beautiful spring day at the end of April. The air was crisp and fresh, but the sun was already seriously starting to warm up. We were in Tuscany, in Upper Maremma, visiting Tenuta Casadei which, in Suvereto, has adhered to the BioIntegral philosophy for the production of their wines of international character.

While we wee chatting about this and that regarding BioIntegral techniques (draught horses, ponds for insect reproduction, aging in amphora, the vitality of the soil), we caught a glimpse of them down there, among the vines, scampering about, skipping undisturbed… Who? What?

Some hares! There were four of them. No, wait, five! Cheery and mischievous they were playing catch. These lush BioIntegral vineyards are the perfect place for little battles in the season of love, that’s right, spring. A stretch of welcoming green which you can sneak into for a race at breathtaking speed.

They had chosen a beautiful place, there’s no denying it. A BioIntegral place. (And they really understand these things!)