Category: Social responsability

The Bio-Integral house

The Bio-Integral language doesn’t only speak about decalogues and products, but also about places to work in. Even to live in, as also the architecture can, indeed, be Bio-Integral. When we went to Castello del Trebbio Anna Baj Macario talked to us about cosmetics and about wine, opening up the rooms of the centuries-old Castle […]

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BioIntegral along the River Arno

A BioIntegral farmer will have the farsightedness to avoid single-crop farming […]A BioIntegral farmer will know how to support chains of production, transformation and distribution […] through the choice of raw materials connected to his own territory (to know more about this, read here). The BioIntegral philosophy makes room for diversification and rotation of the […]

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When the tractors are dressed to the nines

June 15 St. Vito is celebrated, the patron saint of several Italian municipalities including Gergei, in the province of Cagliari. Here the festivities have the flavor of the agricultural tradition, so much so that the religious procession carrying the statue of the saint among the cobbled streets of the center does not open with the […]

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Responsibly social. Socially responsible

The BioIntegral approach starts from the protection of the environment of the beautiful and clean so as to produce in a responsible way for quality, numbers, market thanks to an approach sensitive to social issues. “Social” and “responsible” are words that, despite sometimes being overused, communicate important meanings, with positive nuances: community, tolerance, support, reliability, […]

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