BioIntegral along the River Arno

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A BioIntegral farmer will have the farsightedness to avoid single-crop farming […]A BioIntegral farmer will know how to support chains of production, transformation and distribution […] through the choice of raw materials connected to his own territory (to know more about this, read here).

The BioIntegral philosophy makes room for diversification and rotation of the production cycles. Applause should be given to a company which further develops what can be produced within its own walls, and which expands its own production chain as much as possible. Starting from these premises Anna Baj Macario, has wanted to enlarge the range of her own products in Castello del Trebbio, also thanks to her property which extends over almost 400 hectares.

A (Her / Their?) company has a double vocation (agritouristic and wine-making), as well as the production of wines (among which can be found a Sangiovese aged 6 months in amphora), extra virgin olive oil, saffron and spelt. However, the Castello is also experimenting in a completely new area, that of the production of cosmetics as the culmination of a production chain which remains completely within the company.


Anna has followed the production step by step from the beginning, turning to the University of Florence for scientific consultation (the Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies) regarding certificates, the choice of ingredients, doses, principles, and the calibration of perfumes. Please raise your hand all of you who don’t choose your creams based on their scent too…


For the time being, 3 creams and a serum are being produced at Castello. The ingredients? Amaranth (a natural antioxidant); rosemary (rich in folic acid and fundamental for collagen synthesis); lavender (with refreshing, tonic and anti-age characteristics); and then, using “waste” elements from wine and oil production, a secondary element (grape seeds, olive pits, leaves, stalks) is magically transformed into a primary, ennobled ingredient. What a revenge!