Amphora, amphoræ, amphoræ. The declensions of the terracotta

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As part of recuperating practices connected to tradition, today we are talking about refinement in amphora, an aspect of vinification which is gaining numerous followers. Even if for some it might seem like a trendy niche practice, it really gives excellent results, and above all, it is deeply rooted in a distant past.

The terracotta amphora, in fact, was already used as a vase for transporting wine in Armenia eight thousand years BC. In around 200 BC it also became a container destined for the fermentation of wine.


Today it is interesting to understand how much the characteristics of porosity and permeability of terracotta can act on the requirements of the wine. We talked about it with Elena Casadei, Stefano‘s daughter and a protagonist of the natural generational turnover within the company – another aspect that fully agrees with the Bio-Integral decalogue, originating from the premise of passing on a better ecosystem to our children.

In the four family estates, scattered across Tuscany and Sardinia, Elena personally selects the amphorae for the refinement of just as many varieties destined for an ad hoc line: Le Anfore, indeed.

«I find that refinement in amphora contributes in a particular way to the characterization of a wine, amplifying its characteristics for variety and vintage: this is what happens with our Cannonau in Sardinia, with the historical Sangiovese in Chianti Rufina and with the international Syrah and Moscato in Upper Maremma.»