Month: November 2014

The amphora, valuable ally

One of the assumptions of BioIntegral enology is the recovery of agronomic practices of the past. The winemaking process in amphorae, for example, is a system that even has its roots in antiquity: in Georgia, the cradle of vitis vinifera – primordial mother of all vines – is still in use in the central and […]

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Once upon a time the tractor. Once

We are in Sardinia, in the heart of Sarcidano, 60 km north of Cagliari. In Gergei, a small town overlooking the vast plains alternating with rolling hills, lays Olianas: winery founded in 2000, which has embraced the BioIntegral philosophy and now produces 100% biointegrated wines with the vintage year 2014. Here, the total respect for […]

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