The origins of BioIntegrale

«If I had to define our key words I would think of the land, of roots, of care and respect, of passion, of hands and hearts, of work, of care for the environment, of challenges, discoveries, courage and freedom. Our products originate from an ethical approach in the broadest sense which takes into account giving something back to nature as an essential prerequisite for the future, both ours and that of our children.» [Stefano Casadei]

Stefano is the soul of DCasadei, a group of businesses and products that are the result of a lifetime’s work, both his and of his family’s. That capital D is not just a logo device but about belonging: DCasadei stands for ethics applied to farming, to buildings and to hospitality; it is a way of being that becomes a way of working. It is a universe that we have called BioIntegrale.

DCasadei stands for Sardinian, Tuscan and international wines, a range of Foods, a Restaurant and a Wine Bar. DCasadei means Agritourism and hospitality.

The common denominator: harmonious surroundings in which to live, work and produce. Places to feel good in.